Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog Expansion

So... I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  I'd like to turn this blog into a more active commentary on society at large - but viewed through my own unique perspective on Buddhism.  What that would mean for readers is that I'd continue to comment on topics related to Buddhism, but I'd also write about other topics that I find of interest. 

I'm leaning in this direction because I've received a number of comments about how all I do is rage against Buddhism and I don't offer any constructive suggestions for improvement.  By expanding my focus, I think I'd be able to write on a more inclusive basis.  What do you think?

Also - I bought some domain names.  I was thinking of migrating away from Blogger.  Does anyone have any experience/advice about that? 


A totally random picture of Rick James for your enjoyment!


  1. GoDaddy has been pretty acceptable for the three years or whatever I have hosted by lame-ass, seldom-updated blog there.

    Also: cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  2. I refuse to use the term "LOL" but that cocaine comment had me laughing my ass off.

    I went with GoDaddy too... but I need to do some research on how I create a blog template over there. What's the link to your lame-ass, seldom-updated blog? I'd love to read it.

  3. I'm new to your blog (I just sort of stumbled over it) but you write very entertainingly and I'm sure you would do justice to more diverse material.

    The picture of Rick James (never heard of him before) gave me what is best described as very slight enjoyment. Is he trying to squeeze an annoying little spot on his back?

  4. I find your style to be very engaging, so I'm sure whatever you do will be intriguing.

  5. Hi, just discovered your blog a few weeks ago.

    I have been doing more of the same in regards to my blog. But I do agree that expansion is good.

  6. I always find it more interesting when bloggers write candidly. Expanding the scope of your blog will give you more diverse material, and diversion, for readers who tread the edges of buddhism. Over the years at Emergent Dharma it appears to me contributors seem more prolific when writing in the candid voice. Such a writing style similar to your current style, more often than not, offers unique insights.

    As for the domain change: don't sell out, haha. But I must say, I've come to romanticize blogs that keep their original free/host domain name.

    - raymo

  7. Hi, I really like your blog. Keep up the good work. Ima buddhist too until my brother got into troubling mental state (schizophrenia) because of this crazy cult. Hope you will write something of a correlation of buddha and schizophrenia. Buddha must be schizophrenic himself.

  8. Hi,

    you write very clear, I like it. Buddhists who take buddhism seriously are not real buddhists, they have just swapped the name from another sekt for buddhism. So, yes you are right in some respect, buddhism often sucks, but moreover, many buddhists suck, not because they are buddhists, but because they sucked also before they became buddhist and buddhism didn't manage to crack their shell. You have to do what ever works for you.

    Conserning Blogger alternatives: I use wordpress and I am happy with it. You can use free worpdpress hosted themes, which limits your options, but then again, all those options are often beside the point, they can also make you nuts. I know a guy who understands very well how to make a nd customise themes that are hosted by oneself. He takes a few hundred euros and is happy to do maintanance for a little fee. That avoids a lot of experimenting around if you take the "hosted yourself approach"

    Please contact me if you think I can answer more questions and I do appreciate if you would visit my blog fundamentalhappiness.info


    PS: I love the title of your blog, will attract a lot of buddhists ;-)